You're listening to:
"Lida Rose"
written by
Don Ferguson

MarthaRose's little black nose
is into everything she sees!
Martha Rose is up on her toes;
Her wagging tail says "love me please!"
Smart and sweet,
with eyes that sparkle and shine;
MarthaRose, I'm glad that you're mine!

MarthaRose will cuddle and pose
until she has you in her charms!
MarthaRose, now, anything goes
if it will get her in your arms!
Red haired girl,
so dainty and so divine!
MarthaRose, forever be mine!

MarthaRose goes off to the shows 
and prances up and down the scene!
MarthaRose, as everyone knows
enjoys the best fresh food cuisine!
Baby face,
she'll win you over each time!
MarthaRose, that Poodle of mine! 

Terry Thistlethwaite
(copyright Chekia)