Collies, My First Love 

     Was it really so long ago
     In footed pajamas I'd wait
     For my favorite TV show
     And that Collie to jump the gate?

     When a little brown toy Lassie
     Made kidnergarten okay,
     And watched faithfully over me
     In bed at the end of the day...

     It was just yesterday, I'm sure
     That I first met Sunnybank Lad,
     And fell into Grey Dawn's allure
     On The Place that The Master had.

     My first Collie Puppy ever
     Lives inside my heart still today,
     Gently nudging me whenever
     A new Collie pup comes my way.

      The Collie who grew up with me
     Taught me all I needed to know
     About patience, and loyalty,
     And when to let love overflow.

     And every Collie that I've known
     In so many ways is still here.
     My love for them has only grown
     With each passing day, month, and year.

       The Collie Hug;  that Collie Play;
       A Collie nose under my arm;
     A Collie kissing tears away
     Is just a small part of their charm.

     An uncanny deepness of soul,
     A breathtaking beauty to see,
     The sweet gentle nature they hold
     Endears every Collie to me.

     So when I look in the faces
     Of the Collies with me today,
     We're all part of times and places
     That aren't really so far away.

     So many things life does bestow;
     So many kinds of love go by,
     But Collies, My First Love, I know
     Will be with me until I die..... 

Terry Thistlethwaite
(Copyright Chekia)
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