I founded Avondell Bengals in 1993 and joined TIBCS
(The International Bengal Cat Society) shortly after.
Along with Bengal breeder and wildlife biologist
Pam Knowles, I co-authored the original TIBCS
Breeder of Distinction Program, which I chaired for
several years.  My determination was and is to establish
and maintain a family of cats which would reflect 
what has become the Avondell Bengals motto,

             "Temperament First; 
            Leopard Beauty Always

The Bengal as a breed has come a long way since those 
early days, and the Avondell family has progressed as well.
My sincere thanks to to all of the dedicated breeders and
fanciers I've had the pleasure of working with, and 
particularly to my dear friend and Bengal breed founder 
Jean Mill for all of her encouragment and her inspiration 
in this effort.  I shall always treasure my visits to her 
wonderful cattery.  

Today I am proud to have produced both grand champion 
show winning cats and a number of  top quality individuals  
earning titles and producing beautiful Bengals for others.
Most importantly,  I feel that the small family of cats 
I have today fully represent both the sweet,  gregarious
 nature and the true leopard type for which they have 
been carefully and selectively bred for these 
many generations.  I am proud to present them, and their
ancestors,  here  for your enjoyment.  

The Cashmere Bengal Cat:

It was back in 1995 that I first becme interested in the idea 
of a long coated Bengal cat.  After several years of researching 
and determining that longcoat carriers solidly occur in every 
line of Bengal pedigrees, I founded the first 
Yahoo email group dedicated to the longcoat variety Bengal.  
One of the first to join the group was Renete Mock, a  breeder 
from Germany, who's dream it was to bring notoriety to the 
longcoat under the name "Cashmere".  I adopted the name 
Cashmere Bengal and promoted it throughout the 
international fancy.  Today the  Avondell Cashmere Bengals 
are well known and sought after for their sweet and loving 
personalities, their leopard beauty, and their easy care 
semi-longhair coats that add a luxurious plush quality to 
their overall beauty. Many Avondell Cashmeres have been 
placed with allergy suffers who report that they have no
problem living with these cats and have dubbed them to
be genuinely low allergen.  As well, one was placed with an
exotic fur expert who says: "This cat has a coat that is softer
than that of ANY wild animal - bar none!" 
You're listening to 
"The Cat"
written by 
Sergei Prokofiev 
Avondell Home
"Sugar Daddy"
--Terry Thistlethwaite
Hearthside Maine Coon Cats

As a native New Englander, my first feline love was the big, sweet,
shaggy, lovable Maine Coon Cat.  After moving to California in
1986, I spent a number of years seeking out a Maine Coon of the
type I remembered as a child.  Disappointed in the effort, I never
found one.  Then in 2016, I renewed my search, this time using the
internet.  One particular morning I clicked on a link to a FaceBook
page, and there he was - The most beautiful Maine Coon kitten
I could have ever hoped to lay eyes on!   Never in my thrill of 
finding him did I EVER think he might actually be within my
grasp of ownership.  Not only was he far too gorgeous to expect to
still be available by the time I could type an inquiry,  but he was in
Russia - all the way on the other side of the world!

It is with deep gratitude to premier Maine Coon Cat breeder
Ekaterina Ryzhova,  great personal joy, and immense pride in
 ownership that I invite you meet this glorious cat - the foundation 
of the Avondell Maine Coon Cats: The American Original with a
Russian soul.  Luxury Line Mulby Juice - from Russia with love.  
Not only did Mulby travel to us in California all the way from
Moscow, but along with him came the most beautiful, loving and
heart capturing female Maine Coon, Luxury Line Yaromila.
These two cats are the foundation of my now TICA  registered
Hearthside Maine Coons. If you're looking for a truly giant sized,
exotic looking, shaggy, sweet, laid back love of a cat,
Click Here: Hearthside Maine Coon Cats 

Luxury Line
Mulby Juice
of Hearthside