'Twas a late summer evening,
And All thru the house
Not a creature was stirring
'cept my 'puter mouse;
When all of a sudden
There came a new sound
From out on the patio
Close to the ground.
The dogs rose their heads,
The cats simply froze.
A few tried to capture
The scent with their nose.
A soft little "Woof!",
And then a "Woo-Woo!";
A dog, or a train,
Or something brand new?
I rose from my chair
And stumbled outside
To find one little Chin
Just glowing with pride!
"I'm barking!"  she told me,
"Protecting my home
From things in the desert
That wander and roam!
The others are sleeping,
So I'm here on guard,
And I''m making sure
No one comes in our yard!"
I smiled and I praised her,
And felt it was right;
She's now part of the family,
And this is a Good Night!

Terry Thistlethwaite
Copyright, Chekia
You're listening to:
("Harvest Dance Of Love")
a traditional
Japanese folksong