Gentle giant by my side;
A German Shepherd breeder's pride.
My stride looks easy in her care.
My weakness only she's aware

Many steps I'd dare not try
Without her cautious, watchful eye
To guide me carefully ahead
And give me confidence, not dread.

Steady gait which mine belies,
A shoulder strong to help me rise,
And always there to lead the way
To doors, and cars, and work, and play.

I can see, and hear, and walk,
And sometimes I hear people talk:
"She surely doesn't need a guide;
That dog so staunchly at her side!"

My illness they cannot see
Called "hidden disability"
Is nontheless known to this friend
On whom I so greatly depend.

And Skyloh, for her part, just thrills
To walk with me, and test her skills!
I Thank God, and the ADA
To have her by my side each day!

Terry Thistlethwaite
Copyright Chekia
You're listening to:
written by Richard Rodgers
and Oscar Hammerstein II