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 "Flower of Scotland" 
(by Donald McPherson)
The Shetland Sheepdog

From the fair Isle of Shetland
A wee bonnie tyke
With the grace of an angel
And beauty alike
Stepped away from the sheep pen
And into the world
And soon there were great dreams
Of grandeur unfurled
He would be a great Show Dog
The sweetest of Pets
The most beautiful Watchguard
And bravest Coquette
Dressed in Black, Gold, or Silver
Topped off with White fur
A smart shoe button nose
And deep eyes to allure
There were few could resist him
And yet fewer still
Who've not heard of the Sheltie
From the far Isle of Hills
But for all his reknown
And world records replete
He is still at his happiest
Asleep at your feet
For no treasure on earth
Nor in heaven above
Could mean more to a Sheltie
Than knowing he's loved

Terry Thistlethwaite
copyright Chekia 
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