Chekia Family
You're listening to
"Fields Of Gold"
written by
Gordon Selmar
My family have been
dog lovers
for many generations.

My mom, pictured to the left
with my Sheltie Blitz in 1984,
had a great grandfather who was
one ot the early founders of
the Yorkshire Terrier breed
in Scotland.

My dad got his first Collie
when he was a kid
in 1917.

The first pitter patter of little feet
in my parents house
came from a
black Cocker Spaniel
they trained to
go across the back yard
and into a little store
with a note in his mouth.
He would proudly return with
whatever small grocery item
was indicated.
When their first child was born,
he was her
attentive watch guard
and allowed no one
near the baby without
parental permission!

My mom became a
great, great
in 2OO8.
The photos
on this page
those multiple
and our family's
enduring love
for dogs.
Mom is proud
of us all,
including the