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established 1971 by Terry Thistlethwaite
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Chekia Love Song
The Sugar Daddy of Avondell
Welcome to Chekia 
Chekia Divine Trust & Terry Thistlethwaite
"The Senior Class" at ages 13 to 22
Johnny &  Pride'N Joy Chekia Jonathan  1972
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 Chekia & Terry Thistlethwaite
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For five decades, our standard has been: 
     Judiciously bred, lovingly raised, naturally reared
"Never disparage a breeder 
when you have a wonderful pet who shares your life.
Never disparage a farmer with food in your mouth."
Thank you 
to the preservation breeders, and to the organic farmers!
Chekia: home of 
"Nellie The Collie"
Chekia Love Song
 Luxury Line Yaromila of Hearthside
Chekia Divine Trust (Reg. Service Dog)
The Original U.S. Home of the Purebred
Cashmere (Long Coat Bengal) Cat 
(now TICA Regtered with show status!)
International Champion
National Specialty Best Mini Female / Reserve Best Female
Chekia The Kingdom Promise
Versatility Companion Excellent
with Luke, Matthew, JohnJohn & Mark
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Two Lovely 
Chekia Collie Puppies

August 2023
 Gorgeous Tri Rough 
8 Months old Available!
Kittens Expected
Winter 2023
Kittens Available
August 2023
One SH Girl
One LH Girl
 Mini Mancha, and Mini Ober kids coming 
Spring 2024

A Message from our dear friend and noted author Ron Hevener
August 21, 2023

An opportunity has come up that I think is pretty good. 
My latest novel needs professional editing and the editor 
is ready to start working on the manuscript this week. 
The book agent in New York is waiting.
I've been told they already have publishers in mind, but 
they're right: It needs professional editing for their list of 
publishers. If a backer for the editing work can step 
forward, I'll give the details. 
'Fate of the Stallion' and (yes) we can accept credit cards.

​You can reach Ron through his public Facebook group
Figurines, Paintings & Books by Ron Hevener

​We have a gorgeous eight month old tri color female Collie
currently available to an exceptional home. Inquire!