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established 1971 by Terry Thistlethwaite
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Int Ch BIS Chekia The Kingdom Promise
with Luke, Matthew, JohnJohn, & Mark
Chekia Love Song
Chekia Divine Trust (Reg. Service Dog)
The Sugar Daddy of Avondell
Welcome to Chekia 
Chekia Divine Trust & Terry Thistlethwaite
"The Senior Class" at ages 13 to 22
Chekia Love Song
Johnny &  Pride'N Joy Chekia Jonathan  1972
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For nearly five decades, our standard has been: 
     Judiciously bred, lovingly raised, naturally reared
"Never disparage a breeder 
when you have a wonderful pet who shares your life.
Never disparage a farmer with food in your mouth."
Thank you 
to the breeders, and to the farmers!
Chekia: home of 
"Nellie The Collie"
Collies'N Shelties on FaceBook.
Chekia Baby Bear
 Luxury Line Yaromila of Hearthside
Chekia Flossie Brimmer