Maine Coon Cats
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Luxury Line Yaromila of Hearthside
our beautiful foundation female

Luxury Line Mulby Juice of Hearthside
our big, gorgeous boy
Champion Luxury Line Felicia
mother of  our
Deepest gratitude to Ekaterina Ryzhova
  premier breeder: Luxury Line Maine Coon Cats, Russia
(this beauty lives in Russia)
  The charm of the Maine Coon Cat 
is his impressive size, his wild beauty, 
and his lovable, laid back personality.
 Luxury Line Mulby Juice of Hearthside
 Luxury Line Mulby Juice of Hearthside

our stunning foundation male 

Beautiful Maine Coon Kittens
From Health Tested Parents
Are Occasionally Available
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 four months old 

 five months old 

 Mulby and Yaromila kitten 

and introducing "the new kids":
 Silver Place Whimsy of Hearthside
Hearthside Solo Sonata