Maintaining just a few breeding females at any given time, 
our kittens are home raised in a healthy and loving environment,
"underfoot" and "under paws" of all types and sizes.  They're
accostomed to dogs, litterbox trained, and used to
sleeping on beds and sofas.  We do not have castration surgery 
nor hysterectomy surgery performed on our infant kittens, nor 
do we recommend such be performed   (Read the article 
on Early Spay / Neuter on our  Articles Section)  
Our Kittens are NOT microchipped, overvaccinated, nor 
technlogically "enhanced".  Our kittens are loved,
cuddled, fed wholesome food and supplements, and
homeopathically balanced.  We love to find homes for 
them where this type of Natural Rearing care will be 
both embraced and continued.......
You're listening to 
"Hush Little Baby"
a traditional lullaby
Pictured at right are some of the Bengal
and  Cashmere Bengal kittens from our small breeding
program placed over the past many years.  
For information on current or upcoming litters, see below..
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Hearthside Maine Coons)
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Available Kittens
Brown Marble Cashmere Bengal Baby
Bengal Baby
Cashmere Bengal Baby
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Hearthside Maine Coons
Cashmere Bengal Baby

All grown up and living
on the east coast with
Graffiti Spotted Bengals.
Bluebelle is producing
some amazing kittens
for her SGCH producing
cattery - and ours
(she's grandma to our
current litter!)

 August 2023 
We have one short coated little Bengal girl and one long coated 
Cashmere Bengal girl currently available
They are by our Cashmere boy, Graffiti Spotted Bengals Noctifer 
out of the lovely Avondell Chandi Lace
These little three and a half month olds have personality plus
and come with a full health guarantee
*(not just a bunch of irrelevant paperwork from a dubious vet lab)
They love dogs, people, cuddles and play!
 Serious Inquiries Welcome!