Teddy Maltese - the original Cuddle Bear
Cuddle Bears
Cuddle Bears are low allergen,
 lap loving little Maltese type dogs
 who come in all colors 
and sizes ranging from
 three to nine pounds. 
Welcome to the home of
The Cuddle Bear

From the quest for the perfect toy sized dog
comes the Maltese based Cuddle Bear.

This lively little lap lover
derives from a carefully selected blend of
Maltese, Poodle, Yorkie, and just the right addition
of several other breeds (just a smidge)
to create a heritage breed of general Maltese type
with sound structure, an even temperament and
a personality that is loving, gentle, sweet natured and
unendingly loyal.

The Cuddle Bear comes in all colors and
color combinations and
 ranges in size from three to nine pounds.

Their coat is long, silky, and as easy
to care for as the hair of a little girl with
thin, straight, shoulder length locks. 

From the breed's inception,
​Cuddle Bears have been generationally raw fed and
holistically raised for optimal health and longevity.
Cuddle Bear puppies are placed exclusively with
people who value and maintain that foundation
in the best interest of their precious Cuddle Bears.  

The Cuddle Bear is a breed 
developed by Terry Thistlethwaite 
and presented by Chekia.com
Any dog or puppy advertised as a Cuddle Bear 
by anyone not affiliated with the breed founder
 or this website is fraudulent.  
Our Little Cuddle Bears
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