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  The Collie 
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The MGM Movies That Sustained
The Public Love For The Collie
Throughout The 1940's.
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To Own Them On DVD
The Definitive Book On The Breed
Collie Ear Glue - Best On The Market
  Included are Instructions for Collie Ears
The Ultimate Training Guide by
The Ultimate Trainer,
Dr Ian Dunbar
THIS is how to train a Collie!
Many breeders we know insist
this volume is in the home
before the puppy arrives!
Four DVD set
  From The Best Loved 
     Author of Collie Books,,
         Albert Payson Terhune
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The Magazine For Fanciers Of The Breed
A Collie Breeder and Fancier 
Who's Dogs Are Behind Ours Today,
Albert Payson Terhune Fostered
A  Widespread Love For The Collie Breed 
Throughout The 1920's and 1930's
With His Classic Writings.
for the love of the breeds