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Bent Fabricus Bjerre
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Fashion designer Deborah Ferguson has been
a part of the Avondell extended family of owners
for well over two decades now. She first came to
our home to meet and bond with the beautiful
Millwood Athena who retired to a life of luxury
with Deborah and lived well into her twenties as
a much cherished family member.

More recently, well, fourteen years ago, Deborah
brought home two active Avondell kittens,
Kille and Sven. The two boys became part of her
business, modeling and "giving commentary"
on fashions featured on Deborah's website and
Facebook page. Both cats and clients loved it.

Then in 2019, Deborah was hired to do a
 professional photo shoot for an Italian magazine
 featuring Paris Jackson. 
Of course, Sven and Kille were included in the
 entourage. Paris was so taken with Kille, that she
 requested he be included in the cover photo 
with her. Of course Kille was happy to oblidge.

While he doesn't look to be overly
impressed, Deborah assures us that he fully
enjoyed the attention he got from Paris and was
well paid with cuddles and treats for his 

(July 2019)
From our first litter of Maine Coons in 2017, 
this is the beautiful Simba. His proud owner
 Marquis Garibay sent this photo along with the note, "I wanted to give you an update from how
 Simba has grown and is doing. He is a big boy
 and loves running around. He is the best. I wish
 I could have two of him!"

(July 2020)
The International 
Cat Association
American Cat Association
Avondell Cashmere Bengals
*(since 1993)
Hearthside Maine Coons
*(since 2016)
are both registered catteries
with TICA
When it came to finding a retirement home for our precious Mulby Maine Coon, he got the best!
 From Marina, the daughter of his new owner:

When I drove 600 miles a couple weeks ago to
 get a cat that would make Mom's last days 
happy, I hoped only for one that would let her
 pet it. What I got was a therapy cat who would
 sense her distress and lay tightly next to her 
until her agitation turned to smiles. I got a cat
 whose presence made her blood pressure perfect.
 I got a cat who would pace around the "crowd" 
of hospice workers until they left so he could get
 on the bed with HIS human.
— feeling blessed.  

(November 2022)
Nellie The Collie 
(see her page here)
with our beautiful 
Cashmere Bengal
foundation boy, 
The Sugar Daddy of Avondell.
Sugar Daddy was one of the
very first TICA reg. 
Cashmere Bengals
and can be found in many
CB pedigrees throughout
the world today.