The Nobel Growth Chart
and the Sea Isle Growth Chart
are the two most
popularly used charts
for determining the likely
adult height of Sheltie puppies.

As with all things speculative,
especially in calculating
the possible growth rate of
individual living things,
they can, of course be wrong.

They are, however, correct
often enough to be
widely depended on
by knowledgable
Sheltie breeders.

It is also worth noting
that different lines are
known to grow and develop
and what is generally accepted
as true for one family
of Shelties
may not be at all applicable
to another.

Also noteworthy is that
males generally continue
to grow after their female
littermates have
completed their growth.

Check the "growth bumps"
on the front legs of
your puppy
to determine whether
he has finished growing.
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