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The Importance Of Supplements
by Terry Thistlethwaite

In a perfect world, we would all be able to get all of
the nutrients we need for optimal health by eating
a diet of fresh, organically raised and grown foods. 
In a world where agriculture is controlled by large
industries, and "profit margin" is the primary focus
in raising or growing every crop, where soil is
depleted, air is polluted,  and water is chemically
altered, it only makes sense that "optimal health"
will, for most, require more than eating fresh foods
or even organically raised foods. It will reasonably
require the addition of  purified water, often purified
air, and almost always, some amount of  nutritional supplementation. 

With the plethora of dietary supplements available
to us today, it can be an overwhelming task to try
and discern "just which" to choose for ourselves,
as well as for our pets.  To make things worse, our
society has fostered the idea that we should rely
upon the medical profession to guide us in making
such choices, with no accounting for the fact that
the average M.D. or  D.V.M. has received very
little if any training in this field.  Medical and
veterinary schools focus primarily on teaching
pharmachology and surgery.  If you are seeking
treatment based on the use of prescription
medications and/or surgery, these are certainly
the skilled professionals who are trained to help you.
If, however, what you are seeking is nutritional advice,
the average M.D, is ill equipped to advise you
beyond the admonition to "eat a balanced diet", and
the D.V.M. is  unlikely to be able to advise you
beyond the recommendation to feed whatever
processed kibble he has been encouraged by the
manufacturer to resell from his office.

My own experience with supplements has been
thru the usual "trial and error" method, the extensive
reading of and personal discussions with expert
authors such as Juliette de Baircli Levy and
Dr Richard Pitcairn, recommendations of alternative
health professionals (including veterinarians who have
done the additional research to become qualified to
advise on the subject of nutrition), and thru the
invaluable shared experience of longtime breeders
and professional show dog handlers..  I have decided
to share it here after numerous requests, and with
the usual disclaimer of "this is what has worked for
me in my own experience.  It is not meant  to be
taken as the medical or nutritional advice of an
expert, but only as a sharing of my own personal
views and conclusions".

As is the case with many breeders, owners, and
rescuers, there are a number of supplements that
I would simply never be without.  Among them:

Vitamin C in the form of Calcium Ascorbate
            Most people are at least somewhat
            familliar with the incredible research
            findings of Linus Pauling and the
            effects of Vitamin C on everything
            from heart disease to the prevention
            of stroke.  In veterinary use,
            Dr Wendell Bellfield DVM expanded on
            this work, successfully treating active
            cases of canine distemper and feline
            leukemia with I-V sodium ascorbate.
            As a daily supplement, the use of
            Vitamin C  is far too often
            trivialized by the uninformed.                 
Diatomaceous Earth; food grade, of course
            Alternative veterinarians typically
            include DE in their prevention and
            treatment programs for all internal
            parasites including heartworm.
           The usual dosage is one level
           tablespoon per fifty pounds of body
           weight on a three days per month basis. 
           The time of the full moon is generally
           accepted as the time when parasites
           are best addressed as it is then they
           are most active. Veterinarians using
           DE to treat positive heartworm advise
           giving it every day for the first month. 
           DE is a very dry powder, and MUST be
           given only in very WET food or in soup. 

Grapefruit Seed Extract
          Multiple uses including disinfecting;
          meat, fruit, and vegetable wash; oral care;
          ear care; and more. One drop per eight
          ounces of drinking water has been
          recommended to address giardia.

MSM:  This natural form of sulpher is known to
          have strong detoxifying properties, and is
          widely used to treat arthritic conditions.   

Garlic; actually a food rather than a supplement,
          but often used as a supplement nonetheless.
         Often used to address intestinal parasites
         as well as general diarreah, garlic does not
        "kill worms", but rather sets up a healthy
         intestinal environment in which worms have
         nothing on which to feed.

Celtic Sea Salt; also a food in itself
       "Although promoted by conventional medicine
       as part of a healthy diet, my experience has
       clearly shown the fallacy of low-salt diets.
       They are not associated with a reduction in
       blood pressure for the vast majority
       of the population and also have adverse
       effects on numerous metabolic markers
       including elevated insulin levels and insulin
       resistance. Low sodium  diets have been
       associated with elevating total cholesterol
       and LDL cholesterol levels, which, in turn,
       has been associated with cardiovascular

  Furthermore, it has demonstrated that
      mineral deficiencies are present in most
      chronic illnesses and it is impossible to
      overcome these disorders unless mineral
      deficits are corrected. What conventional   
      doctors and most mainstream organizations
      have failed to grasp is the difference between
      refined and unrefined salt. Unrefined salt
      contains over 80 minerals in a perfect
      proportion for our bodies. Our bodies were
      meant to function optimally with adequate
      mineral levels and adequate salt intake.
           Only the use of unrefined salt can provide
           both of these factors.
                    -  Dr. David Brownstein, MD
                            from the article
                              "Salt Your Way To Health"

           "Many illnesses are caused or
           exacerbated by trace-mineral deficiencies.
           These can be avoided by the liberal use of
           Celtic Sea Salt® in your cooking and
           the complete avoidance of all other salts,
           all of which contain only pure
           sodium chloride."
                    - Dr. Thomas S. Cowan, M.D.

         "I've enjoyed using Celtic Sea Salt® for
         several years enhances the flavor of
         whole foods and provides ne and my family
         with a superior source of trace minerals."
                     - Dr. Christiane Northrup,
                            author Women's Bodies,
                                                  Women's Wisdom

Raw Honey and Raw Goat Milk:
  probably the two most perfect foods in nature.
     Even the highly touted
        Journal of the American Medical Association
          has published findings with this conclusion.

Combined supplement formulas can be found at all
levels of quality, cost, and general usefulness. 
The ones I can personally recommend through
successful longterm use are these:

Enzymes Pro Plus   A good general daily
     supplement for all dogs (Click the link for info).

Total Biotics A good general daily supplement for
      all cats (Click the link for info)

Puppy Gold   Called "the Swiss army knife of
      puppy nutrition"  for puppies up to eighteen
      months of age (Click the link for info.)

Young At Heart  This incredible supplement is
      given to ALL of the senior dogs here
        (Click the link for info.)

Joint Strong   I have successfully used this
      for athritic rescue dogs who don't respond to
      MSM alone.  (Click the link for info.)