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Chekia Choreography
    Ca State Certified Assistance Dog
Rory started his Service Dog training at
an early age out of necessity, and rose to the
occasion with the "I can do anything - Just try me!"
attitude that he came by so honestly through both
sides of his pedigree.

Before reaching a year of age, Rory had logged
over twelve thousand miles of in-cabin flight time.
He rode so comfortably at my feet that other
passengers laughed when he had to be awoken
for deboarding after what a more seasoned service
dog (also on board) considered to be a rather
nervewracking landing!  Undaunted even by the
lack of permission to exit the airport for a potty
break, he obediently used a rather small potty pad
set down for him in the ladies room.  Now that is what
we call a "willing worker!"

Rory knew his way around both Hartford Hospital
on the east coast and Antelope Valley Hospital
on the west.  Still under a year of age, he added
over a hundred hours of in-hospital "candy striper"
work to his vast resume. 

Helping to host visiting family members in Southern
California, Rory hopped right on the Disneyland
train and then into the little cars that make up the
various rides through Fantasyland. From the
Small World train ride thru the Jungle Cruise,
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Snow White's Castle and
more, Rory thoroughly enjoyed the day, and the
squeals of the little girls who eached begged to take
turns riding with him!  Even the eight foot personage
of a bright yellow Pluto failed to daunt him, and
the two played together to the delight of everyone
except, it seemed, Cruella DeVille, who was looking
on with wide eyes and characteristic sneer.  Rory
just waved his tail at her!

Rory was a shooting star, all at once wonderful,
and all too soon gone.

Rory practicing choreography with Fred Astaire
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