My Joy

A snowy white powder puff
Who melts into my arms
A laughing smile, a happy dance
A repertoire of charms.
Her little face looks into mine
And knows me oh, so well.
My every thought and mood and whim
Are tales that she could tell.

A plume tail of cheery fluff
That tells me she approves;
A quiet voice, her "talking" one
That "chortles" as she moves;
Those little ears that point up straight
Hear everything, I know,
From what's outside the garden gate
To fallen flakes of snow!

A day's play is just enough,
She snuggles close at night.
Her little paws move soft in dreams
Like little wings in flight.
The Kingdom Promise is her name
As she examplifies
The JOY we know will fill the earth
Restored to Paradise!

Terry Thistlethwaite
(Copyright Chekia)
You're listening to
"Ode To Joy"
by German composer
Ludwig Von Beethoven
1999 American Eskimo Dog National Specialty Show
Best Mini Female & Reserve Best Female