Natural Rearing: A Brief Overview
by Terry Thistlethwaite

To anyone new to the concept of Natural Rearing, the
reality of the current situation regarding the health and
longevity of today's pets in comparison with those of earlier
generations may well be startling.  Simply put; our dogs
and cats are generally living far fewer and less healthy
years than those of our parents, our grand parents,
and great grand parents generations.  Even most people
over the age of fifty can recall the pets of their childhood
never having to go to the vet and living many more years
than their pets of today.
Before the common use of high tech pesticides given in
"spot on" or "easy monthly doses";

Before the general acceptance of the idea that pets must
not consume anything but an extruded product made of
God knows what, diced into marble size, and packaged
as "Pet Food";

Before the general veterinary community based it's bread
and butter income on the unnecessary and wholly unhealthful
practice of giving multiple combinations of vaccines repeatedly
throughout  a lifetime;

Before the word "fix" ceased to mean "repair" and became perverted to mean "perform routine surgical castration or hysterectomy" (which we have amazingly been persuaded to believe has no negative effect on creatures other than humans!);

Before dogs and cats ceased to be allowed to clean their own teeth naturally on raw bones and tendons and came to be subjected to routine general anesthesia as a means to provide ease and income to a veterinarian wielding a tooth scaler;

and Before computer chips designed to one day be inserted in to the bodies of the entire human population began to be
tested on the pet population for "perfecting" under the guise
of "preventing lost pets",

Juliette de Bairacli Levy wrote a book titled
The Complete Herbal Book For Farm And Stable.
In it, this world renowned herbalist, most noted to have documented the only known and proven cure for rabies (an herbal cure, of course), warned of the changing trends in veterinary medicine and general pet care which were already compromising the health and shortening the lives of our domestic pets.  Her Natural Rearing method of raising and
caring for dogs and cats, in particular, was happily accepted
by breeders and fanciers looking for a common sense way to address the needs of the animals in their care to the end of bringing them in line with the type of feeding and medicinal support that Nature intended, and Western corporate interests (including Western medicine) preferred to debunk as there
was simply no money in it for them.

Generations later, we have overwhelming proof of the superiority of Natural Rearing; feeding a fresh and healthful
diet based primarily on raw meat, choosing a supportive over
an invasive manner of addressing illness, and choosing
against subjecting the body to elective procedures that are at best unnecessary and at worst a severe attack on the healthfulness of the system.  This proof has been so clearly evidenced by the adherents of an NR protocol  that it
continues to gain widespread interest and the grateful support of those who find current methods and trends disturbing in the least and unacceptable in the most..

Juliette de Bairacli Levy's now extensive writings have since been supplemented with books by other herbalists, by veterinarians, by naturalists, and by researchers similarly concerned with the degenerating state of health of our pets as fostered by corporate interests and veterinary pocket-lining.  Many of these individuals were at one time a part of that "pet industry", and sought out a better method after being discouraged and even horrified by the results of  their initial
education.  Veterinarians in particular who have become proponents of Natural Rearing and alternative, supportive medical systems are quick to note that while many in their profession start out as allopathic DVM's and switch to
alternative specialties as a means of doing more to help their patients, it is the rare alternative practitioner who feels
unfulfilled in their healing abilities and thus seeks to add Western medicine to their areas of practice. When I spoke with Ms Levy in 1993, she was particularly gratified to know that breeders, fanciers, and veterinarians throughout Europe and the U.S. who had embraced the Natural Rearing protocol early on are now able to boast of the generational benefits they are seeing in the intrinsic health and longevity of their pets
and patients.

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"Natural Woman"
written by Carole King,
Gerry Goffin, and Jerry Wexler

The fact that it is far easier (as well as amazingly less expensive) to raise a Naturally Reared puppy or kitten than
one which is routinely shot-up, anesthetized, drugged,
surgically mutilated, and fed something so highly processed it no longer even resembles food would seem to be another
factor in attracting converts. Surprisingly, tho, this is not the
usual case.  Sadly, most pet owners, and  even most
breeders and fanciers in our modern day society have been
so thoroughly indoctrinated by corporate interests as to the "best" and "easiest" way to care for their pets that they actually have difficulty grasping the concept of Natural Rearing as something they are not only fully capable of doing, but as something they will, indeed, quickly come to realize is easier,
lest costly, and infinitely more gratifying to provide to the dogs and cats they love. 

If you are new to the idea of Natural Rearing, consider simply;

Does it make sense to you to feed your pet the way nature intended, and to protect and promote his health and noticeable longevity in ways that have proven superior over multiple generations rather than to attack his immune system with all manner of chemical pesticides, combination vaccines, and "pseudo food" concoctions which are routinely being pulled off the market as more and more they prove dangerous and even deadly? 

Is it important to you that your pet live as long and healthful a life as it is possible for him to live? 

Your answers to these questions will determine for you whether you are ready to pursue the Natural Rearing protocol.  Should you decide to embark on this journey with your current pet, or
in seeking a puppy or kitten which has already been given the huge advantage of being born into a generations long Natural Rearing program, you will be rewarded for your endeavors not only with the health and happiness of the pet you love, but with the knowledge and understanding that you are truly following the best possible course in assuring his longevity and well
being by supporting his vital life force in the way nature intended.  You will find encouragement and guidance in many
of the articles on this web site, as well as in numerous email lists,blogs, and various pages throughout the internet.  Below are just a few outside links that will help get you started.

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