Healing Hope:
 Our CBD Oil Experience
by Terry Thistlethwaite

The Collie puppies had grown too big to go outside
in the morning with the little dogs, Being still full
of puppy rambunctiousness, they just needed to run and
play amongst themselves for a good half hour before
I let the little ones out.

But the little ones would sometimes sneak out between
the legs of an eager Collie, and that's what happened
with Hope that early October morning.

I was busy feeding the ducks when I heard the scream.
None of my dogs would intentionally hurt another, but
it was clear someone got the brunt of someone else's
plowing into them.

Very quickly, little Hope, my Toy American Eskimo, came
to me limping. It seemed not to bad at first, but as the
day went on, she would not put weight alternately on
one leg or the other - sometimes neither. By the next day
she was taking only a few steps - and on only her front
legs. It was clear she had a spinal injury.

As a former veterinary assistant, I've seen these injuries
before. Typically they occur in long bodied dogs such as
Dachshunds, but accidents and trauma can cause them
in any breed. Surgery can run into the tens of thousands
and is at least fifty percent unsuccessful - but it is basically
the only treatment western medicine has to offer. With that
being the situation, most of the victims are euthanized.

That was not the route for us.

Hope was satisfied to retreat to my bedroom and a choice
of pillows, memory foam and orthopedic beds. Her appetite
never wavered which was the best sign she wanted to fight
this condition, and of course I was fully on board with that.

I ordered CBD oil and started her on a regimen of two drops
twice daily. Over the next several days, I saw occasional
glimmers of success where she would use one or the other
of her rear legs to take a cautionary step or two. Each time
though, it would end with her just sitting down and refusing
to move. At that point I would pick her up and place her in
one of her beds and she would comfortably fall asleep.

After a week of CBD oil, I was getting ready one evening to
milk the goats and headed for the bedroom to get a lantern.
Hope met me at the door. She was standing on all fours and
wagging her tail. When I spoke to her she spun around and
then jumped up on me - standing solidly on both rear legs!
She desperately wanted to come outside with me so taking
utmost caution, I carried her to the door and let her go
out under my watchful eyes. She ran out into the yard,
went potty, sniffed around awhile, and eventually came
back to me wagging her tail. Her gait and demeanor were
fully normal. That night, and since, she's chosen to sleep
in her old usual spot in my bed. She moves effortlessly
again, and stays away from large puppies at play!

CBD oil - A new and well proven medicine in our arsenal! 

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