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Tartanside Integrity
I am very proud to introduce "Lad"!  This beautiful
dog was bred by John Buddie and David Supplee
of Tartanside and will always be a part of our Collie family.. 

Lad was sired by Tartanside Absolute and his mom is
Ch Tartanside Picture This.  You can see his pedigree on our "Pedigrees" page, and his parents on the Tartanside web site (see our "More Collies" page for the link).

Lad spent much of his fir his first two years at  Chekia playing with the Bengal cats he loves, and taking his turn helping with the grocery shopping (he figured out quickly which aisle contains the Turkey Hot Dogs!)   He also
spent much time with "the girl he adores"; Jessey.  He fell head over heals for Jessey the very first time
they met, and it was always the sweetest thing to watch them "tooling around the yard together", side by side, looking every bit the "teenagers in love" and later the "old married couple".  They would share their toys, nap side by side, and consult with each other on matters such as whether a particular sound outside warrented
a barking response.  Rarely I would find two non siblings
so instantly tuned in to each other, and watching them together was a treat indeed!

Japheth, the "alpha male" here,also accepted Lad in a
way that was fully endearing.  He watched over him, gently
nudging him, and would revel in his play with a look that
said "Isn't he cute!"   

Lad grew to become a good sized Collie, much like
Japheth, and reminiscent of  many or the wonderful Collies of the 1970's,  Along with his size, he has the typical "big dog" laid back nature, and the gentle Collie innate wisom that renders him trustworthy with even the youngest puppy or smallest toy dog.Like most Collies, he has a particular affinity for children that is both loving and protective. He takes on all new situations with an easy confidence that made him a joy to work with and to train.  When he
would look up at me with that full muzzle, those
sweet eyes and melting expression, there was never
a doubt that he is  a Collie who,, like his Terhune hero namesake, possessed a depth of soul
that is beyond mere human comprehension.

Sincere Thanks to John and David for sending this wonderful Collie to California, thus  giving me the opportunity to incorporate him into the Chekia Collie family.  We all purely loved every minute witth him, and would have been proud to have him here permanently.  He will always
be welcome back should the opportunity ever arise!