Cuddle Bears are low allergen,
lap loving little Maltese type dogs
who come in all colors
and sizes ranging from
 three to nine pounds
Cuddle Bear Waiting List
Teddy Maltese - the original Cuddle Bear
Thank you so much for your interest in Cuddle Bear puppies.
Cuddle Bears are a newly developed breed currently available exclusively
from the breed founder (along with Claudia McIntire and Dr J Ann)
as presented and promoted on this website - 

The following information is presented to give you a more detailed view of how our Cuddle Bears were developed, how our puppies are raised,
and the care and feeding commitment we require of those who wish to acquire a Cuddle Bear puppy. With this information you can make a responsible
 determination as to whether you are  ready to request being added to our waiting list. We fully appreciate your efforts in reading and researching this information.

After researching the breed on this site, the first question everyone typically asks is "What is the price for a Cuddle Bear puppy?"
Pricing puppies is always difficult because a balance needs to be struck between defraying the growing costs associated with properly raising 
and caring for the mom and litter, the affordability of a prospective responsible owner, and a reasonable amount determined to help insure a good home
where costs of care will not be compromised and lifelong value of the animal will be honored. With a new breed such as the Cuddle Bear, there are
the added expenses involved with breed development and the genetic health testing of each individual involved in the foundation program to insure that no
negative traits which may be exclusive to each breed involved becomes apparent in the developing new breed. 

After deliberation in consideration of all of these factors, we have set a determination to keep our fees in line with those being asked by heritage
breeders of Maltese Dogs in the United States. Cuddle Bears being primarily a Maltese dog of any color, with a foundation of top quality individuals
from several breeds so as to bring in those colors while maintaining true Maltese type and temperament, we feel this is most reasonable.

Cuddle Bear puppies are typically ready to go to their new homes between ten and fourteen weeks of age depending on the size and maturity of the
individual puppy. 

The primary care veterinarian for all of our Cuddle Bear puppies is Dr Charles Loops DVM. Dr Loops did post graduate studies in homeopathic medicine and has practiced homeopathy exclusively for the past few decades. While he is in North Carolina, and we're here in Northern California.
we're  thankful that homeopathy is a system of medicine which lends itself very well to telephone consultation. If you would like to get a reference
 from him please feel free. He has treated the Chekia animal family for many years. His number is (919) 542-0442

How Cuddle Bear  puppies are raised:

Cuddle Bear puppies have a superior start in life being from holistically raised, raw fed and minimally vaxxed parents. We feel well justified in
saying this having had decades of both research and experience proving these methods provide for optimal health and longevity in
the animals raised by them. What is more, the generational intrinsic health and longevity prospects of dogs raised by these methods has been shown to increase with each generation. This is important because while an animal (or person) may well survive, even in reasonably good health under less 
than optimal conditions (poor diet, heavy use of drugs, etc), the toll these things take on the system will become more apparent in each successive
 generation. That is the main reason we see so many more health problems in dogs today than in years past, and why the longevity of the average pet
has decreased significantly. From the inception of the Cuddle Bear breed, and with each litter born and each individual raised, their intrinsic good
health and longevity prospects deepen. Puppies are born stronger, sharper, thriftier, more ready to take on the world.  They open their eyes
earlier, socialize with each other sooner, adjust to new stimuli quicker, and overall exhibit a sound and healthy presence that is undeniable to 
everyone who sees them. Thus we know we are firmly on the right track with our feeding and health care protocols.

Cuddle Bear puppies have also been carefully cared for since birth - born in the bedroom, and raised with lots of love and attention. Mom is fed
four times a day on such healthful, natural foods as fresh raw goat milk, raw meats and bones. As they mature, puppies are exposed to
all the usual household stimuli - and yes - even Mozart music as it's been shown to have a positive effect on mental and emotional health!
They are carefully exposed to other dogs within the household and to our cats, who typically love to get into the box with them and snuggle!

Please note:

As to the raw feeding and holistic protocols, they really are not as daunting as some may think. It's actually a very old fashioned, common
sense way of doing things, and it's even far less costly than using modern *line the vets bank account* care and *feed toxic kibble* methods. 
A holistically raised puppy may well never need to see a vet throughout his entire lifetime. Remember, veterinarians are doctors. We go to doctors
 when we're sick or injured. With proper care and raising, there is no reason to run to them every time they send a postcard asking us to come in 
and beef up their bank accounts - which sadly is the primary reason they actually do those mailings.

Cuddle Bear puppies, when available, are placed exclusively with people who fully appreciate not just the breed, but the protocols of raw feeding
and holistic health care that are intrinsic to it. We strive to insure that everyone who acquires a Cuddle Bear puppy is dedicated to maintaining these
protocols for the lifetime of the dog. 

Now if you're still with us at this point, we trust that you have a genuine interest in owning the healthiest puppy you can find, and providing the best 
care you can for a long life with him. You've also become aware that the veterinary industry today is not so much based on genuine health care 
for pets as it is fronting for a huge drug and vaccine industry that keeps their business lucrative. Congratulations. We have every confidence that both 
you and your pets will  fare far better for your enlightenment. Be warned, however, that you will meet with sometimes serious opposition from both
 those well meaningly but ignorantly determined to dissuade you from following  the more healthful methods shunned by big business industries as 
well as those who fear for their own financial comfort should these methods become popularly embraced.

Know too that  we remain available to anyone who acquires a puppy from us to offer support and information throughout the life of the dog. If there
 ever should come a time when you are unable or undesirous of keeping your Cuddle Bear,we will not only take him back, we will return
 the original fee.

Below are some links for you to look into. There is a lot of reading material here, but it will help you to understand the
raw feeding and holistic protocols proven to support optimal health and longevity in multiple generations of dogs. Don't be
overwhelmed by the amount of info here - We just like to cover every possible question. 

If, after due consideration and research, you are excited by the prospect of having a Cuddle Bear of your own and agreeing to follow our
natural, supportive, and non toxic protocols, we would be more than happy to put you on our waiting list. Simply  click the *Contact*
button above and send us an email. Feel free to include all of your questions, and DO give us a detailed report regarding the home you
have to offer one of our cherished puppies.

Links for more detailed information:

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Nature's Farmacy

Important Videos on overvaccination. Some of these videos address vaccine issues with people and others with dogs.
All of them are important in understanding the vaccine industry and why overvaccination is being supported by income based
medical and veterinary practices. They are also important in helping you to understand how vaccines do and do not work.
Understanding the reasoning behind using only minimal vaccines and what are considered "core" vaccines rather than the full
"vaccine soup" being pushed by too many veterinarians these days is vital in considering a holistic course.

Dr Tenpenny - Vaccines 101

Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe
with Dr Andrew Wakefield

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While the physical health and feeding of your Cuddle Bear puppy is great importance, vital too is his 
mental and emotional health and well being. Dog trainers and behaviorist abound these days, and
the media, as usual has primarily promoted those of lesser quality in pursuit of their own agenda.

The man long respected as *the father of positive reinforcement training* is veterinarian and 
accredited animal behaviorist Dr Ian Dunbar DVM. It is his methods that we wholeheartedly
recommend to every Cuddle Bear owner. His books, tapes, and seminars are an invaluableaddition to the libraries and itineraries of every  responsible dog owner, and we are proud to
call him a personal friend.

The Original Puppy School   

Dunbar Academy