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Chekia Love Song
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For over four decades, our standard has been: 
     Judiciously bred, lovingly raised, naturally reared
"Never disparage a breeder 
when you have a wonderful pet who shares your life.
Never disparage a farmer with food in your mouth."
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 It's Time To Say...

"You just try to go along in this life; 
serve your creator, care for your family, 
 help your neighbor, try to make ends meet, do the right thing.  
 Then one day you're blindsided with craziness.  
 You've stepped inadvertently in the way 
of someone's "fame and fortune" fantasy 
 and you're suddenly a target for all kinds of insanity...  

But there are tapes; 
(not bogus emails like some enjoy manufacturing)
literally hundreds of hours of tapes 
made over a period of several years;  
Someone's own professed "beloved guru" talking....
 about them,
about everyone and everything...  
and all made with his acknowledgment and blessing...  
No fantasy.

And now that the tapes are off of my property, 
and in safe hands, I'll say this:
They should stay there forever as far as I'm concerned.  
I have no interest in anyone's crazy fame and fortune fantasy,
or in any one else's being bribed
or blackmailed to support it.

But I'm done with being targeted. 

The family members and former associates 
need to be done with it, too.  Now.
It went way too far way long ago. 
Now it needs to stop -- for good.

And it also needs to be said;
Just in case 
anything else "untoward" should happen to
or be aimed at me or my animals 
from here on;
Instructions regarding the tapes 
have now been given...  

Yeah, it's crazy 
that any this should even have to be said, 
and all over a silly fantasy.
But these are the times we're living in,
Critical times, hard to deal with...  (2 Timothy, 3: 1-5)"

Terry Thistlethwaite
Chekia: home of 
"Nellie The Collie"