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Nellie The Collie 
Nellie is a working Service Dog, and 
as such is an important aid to the mobility 
of her partner, Terry Thistlethwaite.

She is registered with both the
state of California and the
United States Service Dog Registry,
although neither of these certifications 
is required for a  Service Dog to 
maintain public access rights under
the federal Americans with Disabilities Act..

Nellie is also an educational and good will
ambassador for Service Dogs, for
purebred, show bred,  and purpose bred dogs, 
and for the wonderful Collie breed.

Part of Nellie's mission is to help establish
a non profit clearinghouse of information 
for those needing privately or owner trained 
Service Dog candidates,  qualified Service Dog
trainers, and breeders having suitable
candidate dogs or puppies to make available.
It is a documented fact that purpose bred dogs
excell in suitability for Service Dog work at 
a far greater percentage than do shelter dogs.

Nellie was bred by Cathy Squire 
of Littlefield Collies in New Jersey.
Her sire is Champion Tartanside Oliver Twist
and her dam is
Tartanside Littlefield Adorable.
Her AKC name is Littlefield Hot Wheels.
She comes from a long line of highly intelligent,
judiciously bred and lovingly raised Collies
proven to excel in numerous working venues
as well as in the competitive show ring as 
outstanding examples of the AKC breed 
standard of perfection.  Her illustrious pedigree
traces on both sides to Albert Payson Terhune's
noteworthy Collie, Champion Sunnybank Thane.
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