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Chekia  lovingly presents....
There is nothing more fun and exciting
than bringing home your own dairy goat!
February 2021 we will have Mini Manchas and Oberians​
from top show and milk lines!
Our kids are human and canine imprinted from birth,
bottle raised, SUPER friendly,
comfortable with well behaved dogs, 
and taught to walk on a leash.
Serious inquiries are always welcome.  [email protected]
This darling Nigerian Dwarf boy
found a great home
with Charles
as a cherished pet
and co-pilot
riding in the pick-up truck!

You're listening to
All Of Me 
by Gerald Marks & Seymour Simons
From our past:

Nigerian Dwarf doelings
from our foundation doe, Kitty
and the beautiful herdsire
from Shadowhills Dairy Goats,

Out of our beautiful Calamity Jane,
Lipstick found a great home