The Dog

Of the many creatures that we typically
refer to as "domestic animals"
there is only one that as a tiny infant,
with ears and eyes barely open
and little legs barely learned to walk,
will, upon hearing the sound of a human voice,
turn away from suckling littermates
and nursing mother
to respond to that voice.

What is a dog
If not the living and precious Gift 
God gives to humans
to teach us to go to Him as they come to us,
to exhibit Loyalty in the face of doubt,
Trust in the face of fear,
and Love in the face of despair.
As little dogs, they ask nothing in return,
but the one who entrusted us with them
will come to ask an accounting
for the care and treatment we gave
His precious, living Gift to us,
and how we treated Each Other
as we learned from them.

Terry Thistlethwaite
copyright Chekia 2006
Pity the human who utters the words,
"Just A Dog".
It means you are listening
to a human devoid of sensitivity,
devoid of conscience, devoid of empathy,
devoid of any depth of appreciation
for the wonder's of God's creation,
and the awesomeness of his Gifts.
To hear such words is not to
feel the need for reply,
because such words could not be spoken by
anyone capable of the simplicity of understanding.
Were they be able to understand,
no explanation would be necessary.
Yet , as they do not understand,
no explanation will suffice. 
So it is regarding all
of the greatest of God's gifts.

Terry Thistlethwaite
Copyright Chekia  2006
Epitaph To A Dog
by Lord Byron

Near this spot
Are deposited the Remains
of one
Who possessed Beauty
Without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
And all the Virtues of Man
Without his Vices.
This Praise, which would be unmeaning flattery
If inscribed over Human Ashes,
Is but a just tribute to the Memory of
"Boatswain," a Dog
Who was born at Newfoundland,
May, 1803,
And died at Newstead Abbey
Nov. 18, 1808.

You are listening to
"Someebody Loves Me"
by George Gershwin, B.G.DeSylva &
Ballard Macdonald
"A dog is the only creature on earth who
loves you more than he loves himself"
Josh Billings